Proposal for MAOFP Bylaws Change - June 2018

Presented by MAOFP Membership Committee



To be presented at the MAOFP Annual Meeting 2018 Summer Conference, Mackinaw Island







9             Article III – Membership

10           Section 1. Qualifications

11           An applicant for active membership, except as provided herein, shall be a graduate of a college

12           of osteopathic medicine approved by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) at the time of

13           graduation, and shall be licensed to practice osteopathic medicine in the State of Michigan. An

14           applicant shall be of good moral character and shall conform to the Code of Ethics adopted by

15           the Association. The membership application shall be submitted for vetting and action to the

16           assigned membership function (hereinafter referred to as the standing Membership Committee

17           or its successor) as defined in policies and procedures promulgated by the Board. If the

18           Membership Committee deems an applicant qualified, the Membership Committee Chair shall

19           enroll the name of the applicant in the appropriate membership classification of the Association

20           and the applicant shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of that membership classification.

21           Section 2. Classifications

22           The members of this Association shall be assigned to one of the classifications as follows:

23           Active, Life, Academic, Associate, Allied, Retired or Honorary.

1             Section 3. Active Membership

2             Active membership may be extended to any duly qualified licensed osteopathic family physician

3             in the State of Michigan who presents a written application on the prescribed form and

4             accompanied by payment of the appropriate dues amount.

5             An applicant for Active membership in this Association shall have completed AOA or

6             Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved post-doctoral training

7             in family practice, or absent approved residency training, shall have been actively practicing

8             family medicine in Michigan for greater than six years. The Membership Committee may

9            accommodate an applicant by a waiver of these requirements based on individual consideration.

10           Active members shall be entitled to serve as delegates to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates1,

11           to hold office in the Association, and hold department and committee appointments. Active

12           Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges that this association shall have and the

13           right to confer as may be accorded, or provided from time to time by vote of the general

14           membership. To maintain Active membership in good standing in the Association the member

15           shall remain current in payment of dues and assessments and fulfill the requirements and

16           standards for continuing osteopathic medical education promulgated by the American

17           Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians (AOBFP).

18           Section 4. Life Membership

19           A. Osteopathic Honorary Life Membership

20           The Board shall confer Honorary Life Membership on each Association President on

21           conclusion of the term of office. On the recommendation of the Membership Committee,

22           or by its own resolution, the Board may grant Osteopathic Honorary Life Membership to

1             an Active member who has been in good standing for twenty-five (25) consecutive years

2             immediately preceding whom the Board deems to have rendered outstanding service to

3             the osteopathic field of family practice at either the state or national level. Honorary Life

4             Members shall have voting privileges and may serve as delegates to the ACOFP

5             Congress of Delegates2; however, except for the Immediate Past President during the

6             time in that office, they shall not hold office. Honorary Life Members are shall not be required

7             to pay dues, or assessments; however, after adoption of these bylaws, an individual

8             granted Honorary Life Membership who attends a and MAOFP educational seminar registration fees, but at a reduced rate of fifty percent (50%).

9             shall be required to pay fifty percent (50%) of the educational seminar registration fees.

10           B. Life Professional Membership

11           The Membership Committee may grant Life Professional Membership to osteopathic

12           family physician members who have attained the age of 70 years, or who have

13           completed 50 years of osteopathic family practice, and who have been Active Members

14           in good standing of the Association for at least twenty-five (25) years immediately

15           preceding. The Board may grant Life Professional Membership to an Active member

16           who has become permanently, totally disabled and unable to continue professional

17           practice. Life Professional Members may vote, and may serve as delegates to the

18           ACOFP Congress of Delegates3, but shall not hold office in the Association. Such

19           members shall not be required to pay dues or assessments. Life Professional Members

20           attending Association educational conferences shall be required to pay fifty percent

21           (50%) of the educational seminar registration fees.

1             Section 5. Academic Membership

2             Academic membership shall be granted to undergraduate students in AOA-accredited or AMA-accredited colleges

3             of osteopathic medicine in Michigan pre-doctoral training programs and to residents in AOA or

4             American Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited family practice post-

5             doctoral training programs or fellowships in Michigan.

6             These members shall be entitled to serve as committee members, board members and

7             delegates to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates with vote, but they may not serve as an Officer

8             in the Association unless serving as the student or resident Board member which is appointed by the Board. They

9             may be excused from the required dues, assessments or educational seminar registration fees.

10           Section 6. Associate Membership

11         The Membership Committee, after consideration of an application submitted in evidence of their

12           qualifications to make appropriate contributions to the development of knowledge related or

13           supplemental to the field of family practice, may grant Associate membership to:

14                          A. Qualified licensed osteopathic family physicians not currently practicing in the State

15                          of Michigan.

16                          B. Graduates of accredited schools of medicine, dentistry, or podiatry whose

17                          professional activities involve specialized cooperation with osteopathic family

18                          physicians, such as qualified pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, or other medical

19                          professionals, who contribute to some phase of the special field of family practice, or

20                          who practice jointly with members of this Association.

21                          C. Doctors of philosophy, other healthcare-related disciplines, education, and other non-

22                          doctoral personnel holding teaching or research positions in scientific fields in AOA-

23                          accredited healthcare facilities or colleges.

1             D. Associate members shall be required to pay the same dues, assessments and fees as for

2             Active membership. Associate members shall have the same privileges as Active

3             members, except they shall not vote, hold office or be nominated to serve as a delegate

4             to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates.

5             Section 7. Allied Membership

6             The Membership Committee may grant Allied Membership to an individual who holds a

7             degree in a health care profession who is currently employed with an Active member of

8             the Association and contributes to the practice of that member, is not eligible for any

9             other category of membership, and supports the mission and objectives of the

10           Association. Allied Members shall pay dues, assessments and educational conference

11           fees as determined and administered by the Board. They shall not vote, hold office, or be

12           nominated to serve as delegates to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates.

13           Section 8. Retired Membership

14           Retired membership may be granted to former Active members who have discontinued

15           practice or providing other healthcare services. Retired Members shall not be are required to

16           pay dues or and assessments but at a reduced rate of fifty percent (50%). Retired Members attending Association educational

17           conferences shall be required to pay fifty percent (50%) of the educational seminar

18           registration fees. Retired members shall not vote, hold office, or serve as Delegates to

19           the ACOFP Congress of Delegates.

20           Section 9. Honorary

21           The Board may grant Honorary Membership to any individual not eligible for any other

22           category of membership, who has rendered outstanding service to the Association.

23           Honorary Members shall not pay dues or assessments, not have voting privileges, not

1             hold office, and not serve as a Delegate to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates.

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